Sherrilynn Nishikuni named MEO Employee of the Month

May 25, 2022

Assistant Director of Transportation Sherrilynn Nishikuni was named Maui Economic Opportunity Employee of the Month for her ability to “wear many hats” and work her way up from driver to the No. 2 post in the department.

“Need a supervisor, dispatcher, reservationist or driver? This person can do it all,” said her nominator Iris Malaikini.

In her 21 years at MEO Transportation, Sherrilynn has driven buses and served as a dispatcher/reservationist, scheduler/planner, lead reservationist and Transportation Office Supervisor, overseeing daily operations. Sherrilynn joined MEO in November 2001.

Iris said that Sherrilynn comes in early, stays late and will come to the office on days off and is flexible.

“In our line of business, creativity is key,” she said. “Sometimes schedules are a puzzle . . . and ‘thinking outside of the box’ is crucial in making sure someone gets from Point A to Point B in a safe and timely manner. This person will take it apart and put it back together and make it work.”

For being named Employee of the Month for March, Sherrilynn earned a $150 check and an extra vacation day. Iris received $50 as the nominator.

Sherrilynn was honored at MEO’s monthly staff meeting, held via Zoom, on April 28.

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Sherrilynn Nishikuni (left), Maui Economic Opportunity Assistant Director of Transportation, was named employee of the month. She poses for a photo with her nominator, Iris Malaikini.

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