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If you need help paying your home energy bill we can help!

H-HEAP Application Instructions


The Hawai’i Home Energy Assistance Program (H-HEAP) provides heating and cooling to needy Hawaii households by assisting with one-time payments toward their utility bill (electric or gas) in two ways:

  • Energy Crisis Intervention (ECI) – a crisis program to assist households that are on the verge or have had their utility service terminated.
  • Energy Credit (EC) – non-crisis program to assist households with heating and/or cooling of their residences with bill payment. This program has a limited application period, June only.  Application periods are announced via the Hawaiian Electric Newsletter, Ho`oku`i, and on your Hawaii Gas bill each year.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Household members must be U.S. citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents.
  • All adults must sign the application and provide a picture ID.
  • All household members older than one year old must provide a Social Security number.
  • You must be a resident of the state of Hawaii and have a place of residence.
  • You must be responsible for an electric bill and/or gas bill.
  • Your income must be below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Households with a TANF, SSI or SNAP recipient may be eligible for an income exemption.

Household Annual Income Limits


Eligible HH Size EC ECI
  150% FPL 60% SMI
1 $22,230 $33,851
2 $30,060 $44,267
3 $37,890 $54,683
4 $45,720 $65,099
5 $53,550 $75,515
6 $61,380 $85,931
7 $69,210 $87,887
8 $77,040 $89,937
9 $84,870 $91,790
10 $92,700 $93,746
11 $100,530 $95,696
12 $108,360 $97,649
13 $116,190 $99,601
14 $124,020 $101,554
15 $131,850 $103,507
16 $139,680 $105,460
17 $147,510 $107,413
18 $155,340 $109,366
19 $163,170 $111,319
20 $171,000 $113,272

Be sure to provide the following documents with the signed application:

  • Current bill and/or disconnect notice for Electric or Gas. (If the utility subscriber is not the applicant and the subscriber does not live in the home, then they must sign a required form and provide a picture ID.)
  • Proof of residence – provide a document other than the utility bill that shows your current address. Examples include a phone bill or doctor’s bill.
  • Picture IDs and Social Security cards.
  • Proof of age and/or disability – birth certification for one child 0-5 years OR verification of receipt of Social Security Disability benefits, ONLY IF NO ONE IN THE HOME IS OVER 60 YEARS OLD.
  • Proof of income – for all household members, bring all that apply: Pay stubs for all jobs since January; Self Employment income and expenses, award letters from Social Security, welfare, unemployment SSI, pension/retirement statement, etc.
  • Proof of Citizenship Status – U.S. passports, Permanent Resident Alien Card and/or birth certificates.