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Kauwela Kaia, Hawai’i Emergency Laulima Partners recipient:
“I wanted to thank MEO and the HELP program that helped keep the lights on for me and my Ohana. I’m a single mother of 3 kids and I was recovering from surgery after my appendix ruptured all the while being 15 weeks pregnant when COVID-19 hit. I, along with all my colleagues, were laid off. Timing could not have been worse. I did not receive my unemployment benefits for months and was so scared for my family. My older children could not return back to school, and I gave birth 2 weeks early. To add on to it all, I gave birth by C-section (again major surgery) and my newborn was flown to Oahu where he stayed in the NICU for a week. We had to return to Oahu multiple times during this pandemic and during one of our visits my newborn had to undergo his first major surgery to correct a birth defect. I share this story with you all because with everything going on it was such a blessing to know that at least I had HELP, 3 rounds of it. Mahalo once more. ”
Photo courtesy of Kauwela Kaia