Kaui Alo Palau named MEO December Employee of the Month

February 18, 2022

Myrlynette “Kaui” Alo Palau, the building custodian who is known to leave a rose at co-workers’ desks, was named Maui Economic Opportunity’s Employee of the Month for December.

This is Kaui’s fourth Employee of the Month award since joining MEO in September 2002. Previously, she was named Employee of the Month in November 2002, May 2008 and December 2015.

“There are many unsung heroes in our midst who are just quietly and humbly doing their own thing,” said Janeth Cerizo, who nominated Kaui for the award. “For the most part, they remain inconspicuous and are content just being so. But every now and then, they should also be acknowledged for the contribution that they make in our work lives.”

Kaui is entrusted with the master key to the Wailuku offices and welcomes fellow workers as they arrive for work in the morning. She makes sure the building is cleaned and maintained. Since the onset of the pandemic, Kaui also has been responsible for sanitizing surfaces.

“She is truly a team player,” said Janeth. “She shows empathy and respect not just to the staff but also to clients who walk through MEO’s doors. In other words, all of the core values of MEO, she exemplifies them all.”

For being named Employee of the Month, Kaui earned a $150 check and an extra vacation day. Janeth received $50 as the nominator.

Kaui was honored at MEO’s monthly staff meeting, held via Zoom, on Jan. 28.

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Myrlynette “Kaui” Alo Palau was named Maui Economic Opportunity Employee of the Month for December on Jan. 28. She earned an extra vacation day and a $150 check.

Kaui Alo Palau receives a hug from MEO CEO Debbie Cabebe after receiving her MEO lei, certificate and $150 check for being MEO Employee of the Month for December.

Employee of the Month Kaui Alo Palau (holding certificate) is flanked by Chief Human Resources Officer Cliff Caesar (from left), CEO Debbie Cabebe, COO Gay Sibonga and Facilities Manager Mark Hammer, Kaui’s supervisor.

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