Jennifer Grancha named MEO Employee of the Month

October 21, 2022

Jennifer Grancha, who was named Maui Economic Opportunity Employee of the Month, believes in second chances for her clients – recently released inmates from jails and prisons – while taking no excuses.

“She is creative and patient in her approach” with her clients, “who with time eventually respond to her special blend of firmness and flexibility with their own brand of respect and accountability,” said Jennifer’s nominator, Janeth Cerizo.

Jennifer will quietly listen to her clients “give their litany of negatives and reasons for their noncompliance,” and when they are done she tells them: “I am glad you came today. Let’s start over again.”

She is a housing specialist and helps recently released inmates with their transition into the community. She has been with MEO since March 2021.

For being named Employee of the Month for August, Jennifer earned a $150 check and an extra vacation day. Janeth received $50 as the nominator. Jennifer was honored at MEO’s General Staff meeting on Sept. 30.

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Jennifer Grancha was named Maui Economic Opportunity Employee of the Month for August. She works with recently released inmates to transition to the community.

MEO Employee of the Month Jennifer Grancha poses for a photo with (from left) CEO Debbie Cabebe, COO Gay Sibonga and Chief Human Resources Officer Cliff Caesar.

MEO CEO Debbie Cabebe drapes the MEO kukui nut lei over Employee of the Month Jennifer Grancha.

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