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October 26, 2021

On Nov 4, the first ever TikTok workshop in the State of Hawai’i

Covid-19 changed our lives.

In order to be together safely, we had to be apart; therefore, many started to use Internet for the first time. The pandemic generated a new normal of our daily interactions – via phone, pad and computer screens . Like the teenagers, adults discovered *TikTok* was the place to laugh, sing and dance.

If you want a fun venue to market your business, this event is for you. Check this out if you are an entrepreneur, mom-and-pop business owner, small business manager, professional and decision maker working for any size business. Discover how *TikTok * can work for you.

MEO invites you to attend following workshop!

  • What: How Brands & Marketers can Make the Most of TikTok
  • Guest presenter: Kyle Kaplanis
  • Guest moderator: Dr. Letitia Wright, DC
  • When: Thursday, November 4, 2021, from 9AM to 10:15AM
  • Where: Online, live, via Webex, with no recording
  • Admission fee: No charge
  • Registration must be done via Eventbrite: see below

P.S. The first ever TikTok workshop in the State of Hawai’i (which supposed to have happened on Oct 25) got postponed due to power outage in the area where the guest presenter were located (California).

So, if you wanted to attend but had to miss the Oct 25…You got another opportunity to attend: Thursday, November 4, 2021!

Eventbrite TikTok workshop in the State of Hawai’i


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