Recalibrating Maui’s Economy – What Lies Ahead

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November 20, 2023

Maui Economic Opportunity facilitated a discussion on “Recalibrating Maui’s Economy – What Lies Ahead,” focusing on post-fire business recovery, on Wednesday at the 22nd Native Hawaiian Convention, sponsored by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement.

Skog Rasmussen’s Melissa Unemori Hampe and Kim Thayer; MEO Board Vice President Bard Peterson, who is senior vice president at First Hawaiian Bank; and MEO Business Development Center Director David Daly led discussions in their groups.

MEO BDC specialists Teon Simmons, Lianne Peros-Busch and Jaimie Dukelow and Skog Rasmussen’s Keapo Bissen served as scribes. MEO CEO Debbie Cabebe facilitated the sessions.

Many great ideas were floated by the 40 participants in the breakout sessions. We hope to circulate those ideas as the work to rebuild Lahaina and people’s lives begin.


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