MEO Receives Hawaii Community Foundation Flex Grant

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November 26, 2010

Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc. (MEO) is pleased to announce it has received a $20,000 Hawaii Community Foundation FLEX grant acknowledging that the organization has exemplified the best practices of high performance. The FLEX grant program is a partnership of many funds thanks to generous donors and their fund advisors.

CEO Debbie Cabebe said, “MEO is grateful to be a recipient of the FLEX grant and appreciates the Hawaii Community foundation and its donors. We are fortunate to have received $10,000 from the *Jean I. Fennimore Fund* and $10,000 from the *Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Fund*. Grants like these are rare and are like gold as they can be used to help cover administrative costs that are short funded by other grants.”

In the last fiscal year MEO administered nearly 40 grants serving more than 18,800 individuals and touching more than 56,000 lives.

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