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October 19, 2023


This program is 95% federally funded for a total of $100 million and 5% ($5 million) funded from a non-governmental source

Applications are available online. Applications can also be completed in person at 99 Mahalani Street, Wailuku from 8am to 4pm, M-F excluding holidays.


The Maui Relief TANF Program provides benefits to eligible families with dependent children and pregnant women in their third trimester and, with the assistance of Hawaii Community Foundation funding, individuals and households without dependent children who were directly impacted by the wildfires. Applicants are eligible if:

– Their home or place of employment was damaged or destroyed due to the wildfires.
– They lived or worked in the burn zone and were unable to return home or work due to the recovery efforts.

Individuals and families who lost income related to the slowdown in the economy (i.e. indirect effect) would not qualify.

The Program benefits are not intended to meet a family’s recurring needs and will not extend beyond four (4) months.

The Program will help families and individuals, with household incomes at or below 350% of the federal poverty level, secure and pay for short-and long-term housing; make a down payment and pay for a car payment for up to 4 months; secure and pay for utilities for up to 4 months; and to purchase clothing for eligible family members and school supplies for school-aged children. The amount for each Program benefit type is based on the actual cost up to the maximum amount established in the DHS administrative rules. If families or individuals already received emergency assistance from other disaster relief organizations, then the Program benefits may supplement those payments further ensuring families maintain their housing, transportation, and utility sources.

Families and individuals must submit a completed and signed application form, and any supporting documents that may be needed for eligibility determination. Families must meet the eligibility requirements, in accordance with the administrative rules of DHS, to receive Program benefits. * Individuals may qualify using the same criteria. Families and individuals will be notified whether they are eligible for the benefits they requested, and if so, the amount of each benefit.

The Program benefits are considered “non-assistance”; therefore, is independent of the DHS’s TANF cash assistance program. The Program benefits are being established solely to address the specific crisis situation and episode of need for families who were directly affected by the wildfire disaster. The Program benefits will be issued as a disaster relief in the form of a lump-sum payment to the family or a direct payment to a vendor such as a landlord, automobile dealership, or a utility company.

The Program benefits for families will be funded with the DHS Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) federal block grant and benefits for individuals will be funded using Hawaii Community Foundation, Maui Strong funds.



*Benefit Limits-*

Housing- up to *$5,000* for a deposit and up to *$5,000* per month for up to 4 months

Reliable automobile down payment up to $5,000 and monthly payment of up to $500 or 4 months

One-time utility deposit up to $2,000 and combined utility payments for up to 4 months not to exceed $750

Clothing allowance up to $350 per dependent child under age 18 and $500 per dependent child 18 and older and each eligible adult in the family unit and *$750 for pregnant women in their third trimester*.

School supply allowance $300 for each eligible school-aged child.

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50 refurbished laptops available to income-qualifying families individuals

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