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December 15, 2023

Provides up to 300 temporary jobs to help with cleanup of debris and recovery from Maui wildfire disaster; and/or provide humanitarian services such as distribution of food and clothing.

These services are 100% federally funded by a Maui Disaster Recovery National Dislocated Worker Grant in the amount of $12,741,350.


  • Provide earned income to Maui residents while they assist with clean up and recovery of Maui.
  • Increase experience and skills of participants and help those secure good jobs after participation.
  • Connect residents with employment and related resources to help them stabilize their lives.

Participant Eligibility:

Residing on Maui at the time of the wildfire disaster that began August 8, 2023; and meets *one *of the following criteria:

  1. Individuals temporarily or permanently laid off as a consequence of the Maui wildfire disaster
  2. Dislocated workers who were laid off for other reasons;
  3. Unemployed 4 weeks; or
  4. Self-employed individuals who became unemployed or significantly underemployed as a result of the Maui wildfires disaster

Participants will be placed at worksites at public, private nonprofit and qualified private sector sites with prior approval from the DOL.

Job categories w/estimated pay rates if no comparable job exists:

  • Crew Leader- $27/hr- Supervises & participates in manual labor work of Laborer.
  • Laborer — $24.50/hr- Performs manual labor work such as cleanup of parks, roads, buildings or refuse collection.
  • Office Assistant – $20.50/hr- Performs variety of clerical support duties.
  • Humanitarian Assistant–$23/hr- Supports professional staff in delivering various humanitarian services to the public such as distribution of food or water, arranging housing, & collection and distribution of essential household items, clothing.
  • Administrative Assistant -$26/hr – Performs work of simple to moderately complex difficulty following established standards and guidelines, assists higher-level workers. Examples include accountant, IT help desk, and social worker.

*ALL Temporary Jobs must support clean up, recovery, or humanitarian efforts related to the Maui wildfire disaster.*

MEO will establish Memoranda of Understanding with Host Sites. Host Sires must:

  • Provide information about job duties and minimum requirements
  • Complete worksite agreement
  • Provide supervision and training
  • Ensure a safe working environment
  • Work hours not to exceed 40 hours/week or 8 hours/day
  • Submit timesheets to MEO on a weekly basis
  • Notify MEO of any issues
  • Ensure that work performed supports the clean-up, recovery, or humanitarian services related to the Maui wildfire disaster

Benefits for Participants

  • Paid comparable wages while participating
  • Statutory benefits
  • Individualized career counseling
  • Employment planning
  • Connection to resources
  • Job training, if appropriate, to prepare for temporary jobs or unsubsidized jobs after participation
  • If not available from other sources, Supportive Services such as work tools or clothing, payment for occupational certifications, short-term housing allowance.
  • Employment Specialist assigned to each participant

*For more information email [email protected] or call 808-867-0460*

**This workforce product was funded by a grant awarded by the US Department of Labor’s(DOL) Employment and Training Administration (ETA). The product was created by the recipient and does not necessarily reflect the official position of DOL ETA. DOL/ETA makes no guarantees, warranties, or assurances of any kind, express or implied, with respect to such information, including any information on linked sites and including, but not limited to, accuracy of the information or its completeness, timeliness, usefulness, adequacy, continued availability or ownership.**

Nicanor Saladino and client for Displaced Worker

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