Driver aids rider suffering seizure on his bus

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April 1, 2021

Steve Aganos was driving his Maui Economic Opportunity bus on Kahului Beach Road at about 5 p.m. Feb. 10 for his next pickup when he heard the troubling sound of a rider possibly experiencing a seizure.

He pulled over the bus on Wahinepio Drive, near the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, contacted the Dispatch office and went to the aid of the rider.

The rider was slumped over in the seat with the seat belt preventing the person from falling to the floor. Confirming that the rider was in fact having a seizure, Aganos offered comfort and told the rider that he was there to help.

When the seizure was over, Steve used a seat belt cutter to allow the rider to get upright and regain a state of normalcy. After a period of time, the rider declined treatment and was approved by a supervisor to travel on.

The rider continues to use MEO bus services.

For Aganos’ quick action in an emergency situation on his bus, he received Excellent Client Service recognition for going above and beyond to aid a passenger in distress.

Driver Steve Aganos came to the aid of a passenger on his bus who was experiencing a seizure.

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