Rental Assistance


Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc. (MEO) is one of the administrators of the County of Maui Rental Assistance Program grant. This program is designed to help individuals and families in Maui County with assistance on rental deposit, utility deposit and rent subsidy on a declining scale based on income and contingent upon the applicant’s circumstances.  All assistance is paid directly to the landlord of the rental or the utility company. This program is part of a homelessness prevention initiative, helping residents to get into and sustain consistent housing.

Population served include people who are:

  • Homeless
  • At-risk of homelessness
  • In a dangerous or desperate situation
  • Moving from emergency or transitional housing


Depending on need and available funds, this program may provide assistance with:

  • Security deposit
  • First month’s rent
  • Rental subsidies
  • Utility deposit/disconnection (electric, gas)


Qualification Guidelines

In order to apply for rental assistance, clients must meet the following guidelines:

  • Demonstrate a real need for assistance (are currently homeless or at-risk for homelessness, live in substandard conditions, experienced an unexpected layoff, unexpected eviction, etc.)
  • Within thirty (30) days prior to application, demonstrate that household income is equal to or greater than household expenses in order to prove housing can be sustained after assistance. If client does not have sufficient income at time of application, client must provide proof of future income. (Income can include supplemental assistance, including food stamps and public financial assistance)
  • Qualifying applicants must contribute up to 30% of the cost of the emergency rental assistance and/or security deposit at the time of the rental application.
  • Demonstrate a desire to become self-sufficient and an ability to help oneself.
  • For individuals with HUD vouchers, only deposit assistance is available.

Process for applying for rental assistance

  • An online form link can be found below. Please be sure you have the required documents ready, which can be uploaded with the online form. In order to process your request as efficiently as possible, gather as many of the required documents together as you can and scan to PDF or take legible photos of your documents. If any documents cannot be submitted with the form or are missing, a Housing Specialist will identify those documents and work with you to submit them.Required documents:  (Provide information for ALL household members.)

    *Please note that the following list includes all the requirements needed for approval. Once a Housing Specialist reviews the application, she or he will contact you to note any missing items. Upon review, you will have 5 business days to provide missing items.



    • Photo Identification of all household members 18 years and older:
      • Driver’s license or State ID
      • Non USA citizens must provide passport
    • Social Security numbers and birth dates of all household members
    • Birth certificates only for household members 5 years and younger


    Income Verification: (must be dated within 30 days of application)

    • Most current pay stubs covering the 30 days before the date of application
    • Social Security Statement of Benefit/Pension
    • Supplemental Social Security Income statement
    • Unemployment benefit statement
    • Monthly/quarterly financial statement
    • General Excise Tax report if self-employed
    • Department of Human Services Notice for Financial or Food Stamps TANF/SNAP (Benefit History printed within 30 days)
    • Income tax returns
    • Receipts showing how tax refunds were spent
    • Income tax extension letter
    • Other (child support, alimony, etc.)
    • COVID-19 income loss proof


    Asset Verification:

    • Current checking account statement (within 30 days of application)
    • Current savings account statement (within 30 days of application)
    • Other (stocks, bonds, cash on hand, etc.)


    Lease Verification:

    • Copy of signed CURRENT lease or Unexecuted/Unsigned lease may be submitted if not currently living in the rental unit at the time of your rental application. However, check will not be released until submittal of signed lease.
    • Utility Deposit Statement/Print Out from utility company
    • MEO W-9 Form with landlord/property manager’s signature
      • Landlord’s General Excise Tax Number (GET)
      • Tax Map Key (TMK) Numbers Form


    Back Rent/Eviction Verification:

    • Letter from public housing, landlord, homeless or transitional shelter addressed to applicant

    Letter – must include the following:

    • Date of eviction letter and date applicant must vacate the premises
    • Dates of unpaid rent with amounts and breakdown of costs and total amount owing
    • Printed name, contact number and signature of evicting or current landlord



    • Statement with address and current due date



    • Letter from applicant explaining why assistance is needed and/or reasons for being behind on rent/mortgage
    • Current Credit Report for all adults in the household (
    • Mandatory attendance of Financial Literacy class
    • Rental Subsidy Letter (HUD of DHS) – HUD Notice of Rent Adjustment
    • Home inspection from HUD (front page of House Inspection form indicting box, passed)

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