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Before continuing, you must have previously applied for and been approved to receive H.E.L.P funds. If you haven't please go to this page and do so.

Additional funding for qualified applicants becomes available within a thirty-day period from the previous approval (30 days from approval date).

When applying for additional H.E.L.P, there will be no need to resubmit most of the documentation. Please look at the following list and prepare any documents related to the type of request you are making before applying.

  • Current Utility, Internet, Phone Bill, etc.
  • Mortgage Statement- Not required if received mortgage in month one
  • Rental Agreement- Not required if received rental in month one
  • W-9 From Landlord (form available on MEO H.E.L.P. page)- Not required if received rental assistance in month one
  • Utility Release Form (required if utility bill is under the landlord's name - form available on MEO H.E.L.P. page)- Not required if submitted in month one
  • Insurance Bill
  • Proof of tuition or childcare payment

As before, documents can be submitted with the application as a PDF or Photo.

Application Forms:

Click here for the Online Application Form

Click here for the downloadable PDF Form

Haga clic aquí para obtener la solicitud en línea de H.E.L.P en Español

Supporting Documents:

Click here to download the IRS W-9 Form (fillable)

Clic aqui para bajar la aplicarion IRS W-9

Click here to download Utility Release Form

Clic aqui para bajar emitir la forma de utilidades

Click here to download the MEO Notice of Privacy Practice

Clic aqui para bajar la Practica de Parivacidad de MEO.

Please note: All supporting documents can be uploaded with the online form. Fillable forms can be filled and saved and uploaded. Photos can be taken of other documents and uploaded with the online form. If sending photos of documents, please ensure they are readable before uploading.

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